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 Terms of Service

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PostSubject: Terms of Service   Terms of Service EmptyThu Jun 18, 2015 6:32 pm

Terms Of Service

Server Rules, this are the PUNISHMENTS stated with the rule that carry's a penalty of; 1st offense 3-days ban/2nd offense 7 days ban/3rd offense Permanent ban.

We will not tolerate DRAMA, HARRASMENT, DEFATION, INSULTS, VULGARITY, BASHING, FLAMING, AGGRESSION, THREATS, TROLLING, or any other negative attitude/language.

Chat rules:

1. English must be spoken in public chats, such as: Party/ Raid chat, Area chat, Trade chat, /yelling. for chats such as Guild lets is up to the guild leader.
  This is so that all people around the world can understand what you are saying, and at the same time a form of respect.
  if you want a Party/Raid where you can talk in your own language, make that Party/Raid manual.

2. Try to keep the Trade chat clean from personal conversations. It's meant for things such as trades, questions, pvp requests, guild requests ect.
  If you wanna talk to someone, please whisper that person.

3. We dont NOT allow any disrespectful behavior, Spamming, caps (unless the name of a person is with caps), impersonating STAFF members(Disquise skill or with names), encouraging others to break the rules.

4. Extreme Sexual or violent threats/ harassments against other people is NOT allowed.

5. Spewing Public Threaths against the server or it's Staffs,Mentioning,Discussing or Advertising other server.

Game use:

6. KS'ng mobs is not permitted.The definition of KS'ng is "Kill Stealing" killing the mobs of a person that he/she got the aggro off. unless your in a Party/Raid and its group farming.
  as soon as someone tells you to stop, you MUST stop immediately. otherwise its disrespectful behavior.
  KS'ng is ONLY allowed on bosses.

7. Bosses are considered "free for all", which means anyone can try to attack/kill at anytime. The rule about KS'ng doesnt apply in this case.
  Reseting the boss of same faction is allowed.

8. Boss raids may ONLY be manualed when the boss is at 40% or lower.
9. Leader gaining is not allowed in raids, unless its a guild raid and the WHOLE raid agrees on it.

10. Attacking/ Killing people inside opposite faction's base or behind guards is NOT allowed. same goes for baiting from behind the safe zone line.

11. All event raids must be "open raids", so that everyone can join.

12. DISMANTLING a Raid is not allowed under any circumstances. If your in a PVP raid and your the leader just leave the raid. or pass lead if you dont wanna be the leader

13. Dual factioning is NOT allowed and can mean instant ban on 1 of the 2 faction accounts.

14. Stat padding is not allowed and will be punished.

15. Scamming will not be tolerated and will be heavily punished as soon as proof os shown.


1. non english-----------------warning-----------------1day ban/prison
2. spamming------------------warning-----------------1day ban/prison
3. behavior/language---------warning-----------------3day ban/prison
4. Threatening----------------perma ban--------------perma ban
5. 3rd party advertising------2day ban----------------perma ban
6. KS'ng-----------------------warning------------------3day ban/prison
7. manual boss raids---------warning------------------3day ban/prison
8. leader gaining--------------warning-----------------1day ban/prison
9. killing inside base----------3day ban----------------perma ban
10. private event raids-------warning------------------3day ban/prison
11. dual factioning------------warning------------------1account ban
12. stat padding---------------warning/kills removed--7day ban
13. scamming------------------3day ban----------------perma ban
14. staff impersonating-------warning------------------7day ban
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PostSubject: Re: Terms of Service   Terms of Service EmptyFri Aug 21, 2015 4:06 pm

Terms of Service <a href=Terms of Service Foul_l11" />

He just doesnt stop... Harassing everyone that oposes him.. Really ruins the games feel.

And since this is the North america time zone There is no staff on. study scratch
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Terms of Service
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